We are really happy to announce that Bikini BKB by Bikini Mama will be working with Body Idols reality TV show 2020. This is amazing and exciting opportunity for all of you girls and if you haven't registered yet you definitely should! 

Body Idols reality TV show is an exciting new show coming to your screens in 2020. The show runs all year through and starts with an applicant gathering process where the viewers choose who they want to see on the show. The filmed show will take place over an 8 week period currently planned for the beginning of May to the end of June 2020. We have some big names in the line up for presenters, coaches and other roles such as Diane Youdale who was the amazing Jet from the iconic Gladiators TV show! 

The show will follow Bikini, Physique, Muscle and Fitness stage competitors throughout an 8 week prep and the final will see them showing off there body’s on stage just like in a traditional competition. In addition to this there will be a selection of people who will undergo a transformation and then be invited back the following year to compete.

Body idols is not a federation so the stage competition itself is merely a stage show. Despite this, there will be a selection of experienced judges who will allocate bulk votes to each competitor in the traditional judging method. During the show, the viewers will get 1 vote per day per category and the judges votes will be added to this. The competitor with the most votes will win!

Ultimately the show is a competition, however, it is designed to inspire, educate and entertain the viewers. Body Idols want to send out a positive message to the masses that co-operation, support and determination fueled by healthy eating and exercise will raise any individuals ability to make better life choices and lead to enjoying a longer, healthier and less stressful life.

You can start to vote for who you want to see on the 2020 show right now! Voting is under way!! Simply go to and get to know the competitors by viewing their profiles and reading their journal entries.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Body Idol then apply today: