Average turnaround time?

15-12 weeks from date of purchase or all measurements submitted.  15 weeks for outside UK and 12 weeks for orders from UK. If you don't pay deposit and only sent us measurements your order is not accepted or secured. 

If your order is urgent please contact us to ensure we can make it for you in time. During busy competition times we may not be able to take any rush orders. Our bikinis are made from scratch and we only take orders we are able to make on time with all the attention it deserves. We communicate with our girls during the time when we make the bikinis, to check on their progress , we are taking regular progress measurement for any adjustments needed up to final few weeks before the competition. ( Some girls that are able to do 1:1 fittings with us in London are leaving final adjustments a week or two before peak week).

Once your bikini has been posted we do not take any responsibility of lost or damaged goods. If you have opted to confirm your measurements closer to your competition you can expect to receive your bikini within 3-10 working days from the date you send through your new measurements. All dates are always confirmed to you by us in our conversation and in writing .

You can not change your style / cut of customised bikinis 5 weeks out for UK customers 6 weeks out for international. 

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

Pay Pal, Shopify Payments , Klarna

How long will delivery take?

Next day delivery before 1.00 pm in the UK and 5-10 business days outside of the UK

Bikini BKB is not responsible for a delay in international orders due to customs so please order your bikini with this in mind. Duties and taxes may apply.


’Ready to Buy’’ 

Bikinis for immediate purchase. These are sent next day via next delivery – best option if you need a bikini ASAP!
If you ask for small adjustments it may take us 1-2 days.

 Unfortunately, the size is final, there are only small adjustments available to do on ‘’Ready to Buy’’ bikinis. Please send us your measurement to make sure the selected suit you want fits you correctly - if based on measurements for example bottoms will not be the best coverage for your federation and division we will advise you not to buy it and will try to help you find another suit/bikini that are more flattering and better fit for you based on your measurement. ( subject to availability )

If you see a bikini on this page but need it in a different size, you will need to place an order for bikini made to measure.

Our ready to buy stock always varies. Usually we make lots of ready to buy bikinis during quiet period before Christmas and most of the bikinis are available to sell in Spring season. During the year we many concentrate on customised orders and may not have so many choices from ready to buy bikinis. Please do not count on ready to buy bikinis, they may not be available in your size or style needed for your federation and order your bikinis well in advance. There is certain amount of orders we are able to make per months and we always post on our social medias any deadlines or last spaces available . As we said, we don't buy bikini bases from somewhere else but all is made from scratch and we may not always colours and sizes you are looking for, for quick shipping. We do concentrate on customised orders.

Do we take international orders?

Yes. Just make sure you place your order in advance before your competition and allow time for shipping. You are also responsible to pay customs/duty/tax your side. 

Is padding removable?

Yes - on triangle bras. On Russian style you can decide to have already padded – push up bra or unpadded bra. Also we make our own padding for Russian style bikinis on request. ( no extra charge) 

Are your bikinis custom made?

All Bikinis BKB are custom made to order based off your specifications. In offseason we do prepare few bikinis for your workshops and stands or as a samples for our customers to try it on. 

 If you need a bikini NOW or you missed our 12-15 weeks out deadline

If you need a bikini in less than 8 weeks out you need to add rush fee £40 to your order if  6 weeks, you may need to add a Rush Fee to your custom order (£75) or purchase a ready-made bikini from our Ready to buy page. Please feel free to contact us and we can show you on facecall all stock we have currently available . We may not always be able to take rush orders due to current workload.


Do we make figure bikinis?


What bra style do you do for figure ? 

What bra cup style except traditional NPC triangle do you make? 


 Does padding come with suits?

Yes .Just let us know you want it

Do we provide full back connectors?


What bottoms cut do you do? 

All bottoms are made to measure. Style and rules varies for each federations. Please book a facecall consultation with us if you need help or come to see us in London. Or get in touch with your coach for advice and contact us together.

If you looking to buy bikinis from our ready to buy selection or rent ( all subject to availability) always submit your measurements and check with us how the bottoms will fit you. 

Are your connectors Swarovski?

No, our connectors are made from Czech crystals. Very pretty, sparkly, not overpriced. We wish to work with Swarovski connectors but it will overprice your bikini so much and we would like to make this transparent that the connectors are not made from Swarovski crystals. 

What crystals do you use? 

We mostly use quality "Czech crystals" and crystals made here in UK ( A-Grade)  we do offer competition bikinis in "Swarovski "or "Preciousa "version of most of our designs ( this will be discontinued in spring 2021 due to Swarovski policy changes)  Please always check with us if the design you are after can be created in the crystal option you like. Colour pallets are similar but not the same. Most of our customer prefer "Czech crystals" or crystals made in UK ( A-Grade)  due to the heavy and fully crystallised design to keep the price lower.  Do not worry, the crystals we used do sparkle and are absolutely stunning on stage. We have had so many  clients from amateur to Pros that complimented on how sparkle, shiny and radiant their suits were on stage.


But you always have an option to go for Swarovski Crystal options too. Yes the cost is higher in fully crystallised bikini designs. The shine, sparkle and beautiful cut of this crystals is absolutely out from this world. We love to work with Swarovski, but the choice is always yours. We will never push you for high end Swarovski and we will work with crystals you choose within your budget. It is truly only your choice . ATTENTION: we will discontinue working with Swarovski in Spring 2021 and offer only Czech and Preciosa options only.


all prices will be applied across whole website during December 2022


Can I order bikini within my budget not knowing what I want? 

We will always try our best to advice you what we can do for you and how it will look like. We are not massive production bikini company and our team do take care to talk to each of our clients in person or via facecall to find out what will be the best solution for you

How To Order

  1. Establish your budget. We will squeeze as much beauty as I we can into your budget.
  2. Check with us, once we know what design you are after  on how long it will take for us to make your suit (Current turn time is 10-12 weeks from deposit.) There is 4 of us working in our small mama's team and we always know how much more work we can take and how long it will take us to make it. 
  3. Look at our past work and send us pictures of anything that is inspiring you design-wise. Price list above is for your guidance . After we will know what design you are after we can talk about the final price. Smaller bra cups are cheaper than the price list above. Larger cups over D/DD and bottoms may occur small surcharge +£5.00 for size up in Czech or British Crystals and +£10 to £15 in Swarovski all depends on colours and cut of crystals 
  4. Pick your fabric. (I can mail you swatches to see them in person). - Check album of fabrics.
  5. Pick your connectors. (Certain ones cost more than others )
  6. Decide on crystals. Pick crystal type, colors.
  7. Pick the cut of your suit. I make each suit to fit you the way you want. Low or high waisted bottoms .
  8. Fill out the order form on the Order Form page and send it over with your selections. We are always here to help you via facecall to take measurements with you and to answer any of your questions . UK gils have the advantage to try the samples via mail after they pay the deposit and are not able to come to see us for fittings. 

Exchanges/ cancelations and returns/customs

In order to secure your place in our schedule. We require not refundable deposit to secure your order for your bikini and final payment when we will make final adjustments on your bottoms. Once you paid your deposit you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

All sales are final and no refunds are permitted on any custom made to measure bikinis after 72 hours.

DEPOSIT ( not refundable)

£225.00 for gold level bikini

£175.00 for silver level bikini

£100.00 for bronze level bikini

£45.00 for budget level bikini 

Your bikini are not going to be shipped out if you will not pay the rest of outstanding amount. Make sure you pay on time to avoid late shipping. If you can't compete due to covid your deposit can be moved to next competition season.

If you paid your bikini in full and you no longer needed it we will refund you 50% ( less the not refundable deposit) Refunds are processed within 15 days via bank transfer or PayPal.

When we started to make your bikini we are unable to accept any cancellations or changes of colours of design, but we can hold your order for next 12 months.

Customers from abroad are fully responsible to pay customs/tax on their side when receiving parcels from DHL,DPD,Royal Mail...and other shipping companies. ( Customs/tax vary for each country)


Sizing & Measurement
We do not have size chart for bottoms and all is made to measure . Even if you order bikini from our store we always contact you for your measurements. We can have online FB call , or Skype call so we will help you to choose the right size and style of your bra – We may need your photo of back pose and front pose. We will send you simple guide how to take your measurements. Or we will simply help you to take the measurements under our guadinace via facecall. Each style has different requirements and we are taking that into consideration. 

Please don't be scared to tell me anytime if there is something you need to hide ( like c-section scars) , or if you worry about loosing volume from your boobs, all can be sorted with nice padding and the right bra cup style. We are here to help you

Sample of extra padding: 

How to store your bikini and taking care of them.

Please for detailed instructions how to clean your bikini after show read our blog “ How to clean your bikini”. Please follow the instructions carefully.

After you receive your competition bikini from us or after your show (once you clean it - read the mentioned blog above) you must take your bikini out from the box and hang bikini up in dry place not close to heating or sunlight.

Please cover the bikini with plastic or satin bag. If bikini are stored incorrectly or is to close to heat, sunlight or dry by hairdryer it may cause serious damage to crystal work and the crystals & glue may bond together , bikini may get discoloured and it may affect the glue and crystals can fall off or fabric may loose the stretchiness…

Please when putting bikinis back to boxes or suitcases after the show do not bend the connectors as it may get broken or it may loose some stones. Also please do not throw the bikinis on floor when taking them off, take them out slowly with care.

We are not responsible for damage caused by incorrect care of your bikinis and any additional work required to fixing the crystals or replacing connectors will be charged.


Withdrawal of order for customised bikinis

If you have paid in full and no longer want your bikini ordered, we are happy to offer a refund (less the non-refundable deposit). A refund will be processed within 30 days of your order date and we will cancel your order with no remaining balance due.

Once we have sent you an email requesting your bottom measurements, we are unable to accept any cancellations or holds and your remaining balance will be due


In house & phone call consultations 

Yes! We now have private fittings available for £30.00 usually but at the moment fitting in London are free. So you can come in and try on all the bikinis we have in stock to find your perfect fit, colour and style! Strictly no walk-ins, appointments must be made in advance via text 07694112555. 

Mine and my teams schedule for consultations is pretty tight, so please be on time.  If you are over an hour late, I won't be able to accommodate you as there's probably another client waiting in line.  It's also not fair to a client who's already here..


Please email to set up an appointment.


Our overseas girls can book a phone consultation. We use 'Whats App' or Skype to facilitate the call. WhatsApp: 0044 7496112555. Skype: @bikinibkb


Hours of operation are Mon-Fri 10-3 for appointments. No walk ins - just pre-bookings. Based in Datchet


Massive CONGRATULATIONS to YOU for winning your class xxx We are so happy to be able to help you with our Voucher to get your new, shiny and standing out bikini for your next competition. 

Can't not be combined and you can apply it for gold level - fully crystallised bikini. You can not use it for posing bikinis, you can't use it as deposit payments or combine it with other vouchers or special offers. 

 Please when you claim your Voucher always give us your full name, show & category where you WON your Voucher with the value on it. Email all this information to: and you will receive your code that use can use at check.


Vouchers won in 2021, 2022 can be claimed until 31/03/2022 ONLY! Vouchers won in 2023 must be claimed before end of the season and can be use for bikini orders in 2024


As previous 4 years same rules applies this year :

* please claim your voucher at least 12 weeks before your next competition

* voucher can't be combined with other special offers 

* you can not purchase posing bikini or deposit with vouchers you won at shows

* you can claim one voucher at time and vouchers can't be combined for one suit or bikini. 

* vouchers are for gold level bikini or diva style bikinis


PAY in 3 instalments with Klarna: