Everything needed to Win A Competition! Choice of Olympia Champions Phil Heath, Big Ramy, Oksana Grishina, Nicole Wilkins!

Includes: 4 oz Hi-Def & Ultra 1 Colour, Skin Prep, Green Away, Glaze and Tanning Puff.

For Best Colour: The week of contest, shower with Jan Tana Skin Prep daily, pat dry and spray on Jan Tana Green Away. DO NOT apply deodorant before tanning.

DIRECTIONS: The Night Before the Contest, spray on one application of Jan Tana Hi-Def Colour for a base tan. The Morning Of Competition, spray on Ultra 1 and smooth evenly over body with tanning puff. For darker colour reapply. DO NOT rinse off until after competition. Pump up backstage and apply Jan Tana Glaze. 

To Airbrush, pour Colour into airbrush cup. Store in cool place. *Notice - Order Jan Tana Deep Moisturizer to even out colour and blend problem areas.

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