Basic of How to become a sponsored Athlete

Basic of How to become a sponsored Athlete

Do you understand why companies are looking to sponsor athletes or influencers ? It is all about selling services or products or to build their brand awareness. And you will basically become “marketing tool” to help them to achieve their targeted sales goals or to reach a target audience.


How strong are your social medias & what channels you use for building your brand?

Your Sponsor is choosing you because they want to improve their sales numbers or brand awareness . Be on as many social media platforms as possible. Create lot of content. Do not buy fake followers or likes. Know your stats and audience .


Do followers and likes matters?
Yes and No. Those days most companies are looking for quality leads, the audience is more targeted and split into smaller and unique niches. Of course you need to have a healthy base of active followers but each company has different rules when they are looking for new influencers and brand promoters.

Those days everything can be check and also fake like and repetitive comments on your social medias looks bad and are harming you as creator.


Do you have your fitness & competition, marketing plan ready? Do you know what you can offer? Be prepared and always do the extra mile. You need to have sort of marketing & content calendar ready before you approach any brand. Think ahead.


Does content quality and consistency matter?

100% the quality matters more than quantity but also you need to be consistent on your social medias. Consistency is a key. Make sure your photos are good quality, your videos are not shaking or are not blurry. Work with professional photographers, invest into quality camera. And please, create your own content before you consume someone else’s.


Do you have a unique niche and can you bring your added value on the table? What makes you different from other #fitnessmodels, #tbttuesdays, #flexfriday or #happyhumpday? Lets face it! People are getting tired of splashed mirrors & toilet selfies, big shredded biceps with dirty filters, retouched curves , repetitive motivational quotes, sweaty t-shirts after cardio or your happy face after you eat doughnut. Make sure you bring your own added value to your content. It may be educational, informative, funny or personal (to certain level) . Just be unique and be you. Your personality should talk to your audience through your content. You need to be different and stand out from the hundreds or thousands applications your sponsor may get per month.


Do you show support in Brand you would like to work with? Why would someone you even don’t support and you are not showing your interest for want to work with you? Simple as that.


Are you choosing the companies you want to work with carefully or are you just jumping on every single opportunity? The more specific you are with the people you want to work with the better results you will get.



I can go on and on how to make your social medias work for you. Similar rules apply when you want to monetize your social media accounts and to live your online money dream.

Some of our beautiful Sponsored Athletes we worked with this season:


Katarina @bikini_mama @bikinibkb_by_bikinimama


Who will join our 2022 sponsored athlete's team?