Cost Of Competing In Bikini, Wellness, Figure & Bodyfitness Competition - UK



How much it will cost you to compete those days in UK fitness competitions?

Here are some costs listed below but the list is not limited….



1, GYM MEMBERSHIP : from £25 to £160 per month. 


2, GYM CLOTHES AND GYM ACCESSORIES : no one will tell you what to wear, but invest into good trainers £35 - £95 , waist belt £35 -£60, resistant bands £8-£10 


3, SUPPLEMENTS: essential..cost can be very various anywhere from £50 up to hundreds of pounds, for basic like proteins, BCAA, fat burners, glutamine, creatine, multi-minerals, multivitamins etc.…all depends on your diet plan.


4, FOOD: £150 to £400 per month all depends on your diet


5, SCALES : one for food and one for yourself £40 - £50 for both ( get the digital for more accuracy) 


6, COACH and PT: online coaching may be cheaper and more flexible option for many of you. Starting cost of online coach can be £50, £75, £100, £150 up to £200  per month or even more expensive . Be aware that not every PT has the knowledge how to prepare you for fitness competition. Always look for experienced bodybuilding & fitness coach with knowledge in preparing athletes for fitness show or competition. You will get structure in your prep, programs, support, accountability  guidance, nutrition knowledge  and motivation.

Also not every coach knows how to prep girls. There are too many coaches offering fitness coaching after one or two competitions they did and they have no idea about what they do. You could do it yourself but trust me, if you new to this you will probably have very slow result or you may only harm yourself. I believe everyone should have a coach if you are serious about achieving your goal & dream.


7, POSING ; posing classes for groups  £30-£50 or  private 1-2-1 for £100 / £150 …. There are posing coaches taking £200/£250 but make sure they know the posing for your federation and not only teaching you how to get confidence on stage.  IFBB , PCA posing is different than WBFF for example. UKBFF and UKUP, PCA,PURE ELITE, MIAMI PRO..each federation has different mandatory poses, posing style and way of presentation. I saw to many girls with bad posing or posing from fitness model types competitions on other federation stages and it looks unprofessional and you only are destroying all your hard work with wrong presentation. Stay presence is absolutely everything when it comes to the D-DAY .


8, POSING SHOES: usually £45-£100 for UK clients please go to also WBFF style shoes with embellishment may come to £150 - £300


9, FEDERATION MEMBERSHIP: again each federation has different fee. Usually you need to register and pay your membership before you can compete. 


WABBA : £45 per Year

NABBA:   £25 per Year

FITX: £40 per year


UKBFF:   £75 for 1Year or £125 for 4 Years

UKUP:    £79.99 for 1Year or £239.99 for 4 Years

PCA:   £35 for 1 Year


NFMUK/GBO Europe: £30 a year amateur £50 Pro
FMC: no fee

GBO: 100 dollars

GPO : no fee


 (Please get in touch if you want us to update your membership cost) always double check the cost with your federation on their website


10,COMPETITION ENTRY FEES: Yes! In many federations even you pay membership it is very common to pay entry fees. 


Here are some fees listed for you:

NFMUK : Competition fee: No fees only for GBO: £50 per category PRO, £40 Amateur

UKBFF: Competition fee: £80

FITX: £35 per category

UKUP Competition fee: NO FEES ( £50 for extra category in PRO, £20 for extra category for amateurs) less or free during 2021)

PCA: Competition fee: £25/£50 per category depends on competition

WBFF: Competition fee: £250 per category it may be higher for some competitions

FMC : Competition fee: £44 for 4 categories ( £11 for next category) usually but offered free entry in 2021 after covid pandemic happened 

PURE ELITE: Competition fee: £75 per category

MIAMI PRO    Competition fee: £30 per category

NABBA: Competition fee: £15


2 BROS PRO EVENTS:   Competition fee: £100 to £150 for Olympia

GPO: £45 per category

FITNESS PHYSIQUES: £40 per category

 (Please get in touch if you want us to update your competition entry fees) always double check the cost with your federation on their website



11, TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION COST: varies and you need to plan your travel well in advance to get affordable hotel cost, ticket train cost or be able to find hotel near your competition venue. 


12, COMPETITION TAN: backstage from £50 to £150 it depends on competition & federation 


13, SELF-TAN KIT: from £75 full kit (Jan Tana Includes: 4 oz Hi-Def & Ultra 1 Colour, Skin Prep, Green Away, Glaze and Tanning Puff)..last about 2-3 shows with one layout , If you are using it night before and then again in the morning let's say 2 shows.


14. COMPETITION BIKINI & SUIT: `from low as £200 budget bikinis up to around £350/£500 for standard hand crystallised bikinis up to diva style and luxury fitness model styles £500 plus… In Bikini BKB store you can find affordable bikinis for novice competitors & beginners bikini  girls to experienced & PRO bikini girls. The best from the best in all styles, cuts and variety of fitness competition suits for everyone. Feel free to contact me anytime for consultation: Email: or WhatsApp: +447496112555





16,STAGE JEWELLERY: £10 to £50, from earrings to bracelets.


17, NAILS: £15 to £80 from glue on to professional manicure 


18, HAIRS: extensions like simple clips £25-£100 bought online to professional hair extensions from £200 -£450/£600


19, COMPETITION HAIR STYLE: £50 to £100 for backstage hair stylist 


20, COMPETITION MAKE UP: £50 - £150 for backstage MUA artists, most federations are having their own MUA team. 


21, BACKSTAGE KIT: you will need clothing after tan or robe £25 up to £75 with your logo or name on it , resistant bands for quick pump £5-£10, mattress or towel to lie on £10, Flip Flops £10/£25



This list of expenses is based on my own experience and all prices can vary based on your suppliers and brands you use

 . Many girls are adding cost of botox & fillers to the basic list of cost for their competition season too. As I said this list is not limited but will help you to prepare yourself for what to expect. Competition prep is better and easier when you have your competition budget and finance under control.