How To Clean Your Competition Bikini - Care Instructions

How To Clean Your Competition Bikini - Care Instructions

We all know that your beautiful customised & handmade bikini and suits are playing big part of your overall look on stage and your package you compete with at your competition. 

But not many of you know how to take care of your “sparkly beauty” and how to store it after your show day.

Many of you are wearing the same bikini because you simply love it or you would like to be remembered for your look or colours you wear. Many of you are building memory glass walls with it or simply would like to keep it.

Extra care is needed when it comes to cleaning, handling and storing.  



  • Dry Clean
  • Machine wash - never!!!
  • Don’t use any strong cleaning product like bleaches or alcohol base cleaning products
  • Soak your suit in water
  • Never dry it on radiator or direct sun



What you will need:


  1. For first step (straight after competition): wet ( baby) wipes 


  1. For second step ( home cleaning) Soft brush or toothbrush, small sponge, gentle detergent, warm water, sink or washing bucket, paper towels, normal towel



Before you pack your bikini to your box and suitcase to go to enjoy your post competition meal - please clean the inside lining of your bikini, the edges and the fabric straps from tan with wet baby wipes and take off any bikini bum tape. You can try to clean the bikini bite glue with it too. This is the best you can do for your bikini before the tan dries in and stain the fabric even more. It may be much more difficult to clean your bikini if you skip this step.




1, Remove extra padding material and all removable connectors and parts ( diva bikinis) 


2, Remove all bikini bum tape if you haven’t done it yet. 


3, Don’t soak both bikini parts into water at same time. Do it piece by piece. We always start with bra and then bottoms. Prepare your towels for drying before you start your washing ( put a paper towels on your fabric/cotton towel)


4, NOW! TRY TO BE QUICK AS YOU CAN! Soak the bikini into water for a very short time (just to make it wet) and take it out. Now gently clean all tan with wet sponge or soft tooth brush out. You can repeat the process few times. Try to avoid to keep it in water for long it may break the glue and actually destroy the bikini. Be patient and takes some time especially if you haven’t done the first step of cleaning straight after the show. Be gentle while cleaning around the crystals edges to not take off the crystals with the brush or sponge. 


5, On some bikinis glue may change the colour and be visible. It will look like the crystals are dirty. Do not panic once it dries up all will disappear. 


6, Once it is clean gently clean in under running tab water and very very squeeze it ( straps, bottoms and bra) never twist it


7, Dry your connectors from water with paper towels first to avoid discolouring or rust later. Place your bikini now on the towels you prepared before cleaning. The paper towels will help you to dry your bikini quicker. Do not dry it on hangers, radiators or direct sun and never use hair dryer! 


8, If your connectors get rusty in time you can simply clean it with toothpaste and soft toothbrush and dry it gently with paper towels till dry.