Jacquie Gee -‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’


Full Name:
Jacquie Gee
Miami Pro, Pure Elite, FMC Official
Coach: Tom Ford Fitness
Where are you from: Originally from Bristol and now living in Berkshire

What is your occupation/work ?
Personal Trainer/Group Class Instructor/Online body transformation coach/Womens Empowerment

When did you start to compete and WHY?
I started in April 2019, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and showcase my hard work, I am super competitive.

Have you done any other sports before?
I used to compete in Judo

What was the reaction of your friends and family when you decided to compete?
I have had mixed reactions. My husband and close friends were super supportive. My two young children love it and came and cheered me on last weekend at FMC making cute little banners and screaming my name. Sadly not all my family are as supportive, however I understand that this sport is not for everyone.

Do you remember your first time on stage?
Yes – it was Miami Pro April 2019. My legs were shaking and I was petrified that I would trip or forget my routine. I was so glad I signed up to two categories as my nerves diminished a little by my second time on stage.

What changed since?
I am so much more confident on stage now, I know what to expect. I try to find out where my family are sitting before I enter the stage as the lights are so bright you can’t see them so knowing where they are ahead helps.

Which competition did you enjoy the most and why?
I enjoyed FMC the most. It was a very small competition; they really look after their athletes and allow you time on stage. I also felt their judging was fair and the show ran so smoothly. It is a great competition for first timers and I would highly recommend them.

What was / is your biggest success on stage or in personal life ?
My biggest success on stage is winning my PRO card in my first ever competition. I took home first place Bikini Over 35 at Miami Pro in April. I had worked so hard and was so pleased to have achieved this. It also fuelled my passion to compete again.

What do you think girls should know before they will hit the competition stage?

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else that is competing on social media ahead of the day. People only post the best photos of themselves and you can only be the best version of yourself. Also, comparison is the thief of joy. Enjoy your journey!

Find a good prep coach who will be honest with you at all stages and you can be honest with them too. Having a good relationship with your coach is priceless. 

That post show blues are a real thing! You may feel lost after the show so have some exciting things planned or mini goals to keep you focused and motivated.
Posing practice is key – you can have a banging body but if you can’t pose, you may throw all your hard work away.

Who is your bikini or fitness idol?
Hattie Boydle all day long.
How was your last prep and how did you manage your diet?
My preps have been 12 weeks and have been quite complex. I am vegan and have gut issues, therefore any plans my coach set had to be run passed my dietician and gastroenterologist before I could proceed. I do have a blog on this and the link can be found in my instagram bio. The road to prep is never an easy one for me diet wise. My gut health has to take priority at all times.

How often do you practice your posing ?
4-5 times a week. I felt like I was always practicing. I did it in between sets in the gym, at home and whenever the gym studio was free. I would film myself constantly and be self critical until I think I nailed it!

Your favourite bikini colour?
Royal Blue

Would you recommend us as bikini designer and why?
100%. I had a vision of the bikini I wanted, the colour, the fabric and even the gems. I had it all in my mind with a mixture of random photos on my phone. Kat, just got it! She took my vision and I let her run with it. She also gave me tips on padding for the breasts (I need it for sure) how high to wear the
bikini bottoms. She did a fitting before-hand and made me feel a million dollars when I stepped on stage. I can’t thank her enough.

What are your next plans?
To find a new federation which matches my physique – I am open to trying new
competitions/federations in 2020. Any recommendations – hit me up!

Do you have any other hobbies outside work and gym?
I am very much into personal development – reading books, podcasts, you tube videos.

Trying various peanut butters ;-) I like to call myself a chief taster!

Who you would like to say thank you or give a shout out?
Without a shadow of a doubt my totally amazing husband. He is my total rock and chief cheer leader. He helps prep my food, motivates me, understands the process of prep and is at each competition shouting the loudest as I brace the stage. He is so supportive and I couldn’t do this without him. He is one in a million.

Favourite quote:
I have two:
‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’
‘She believed she could, so she did’

4 competitions in my first year of competing gaining 12 Trophies and 2 Pro cards – it has been an  amazing year and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.