RayRay Hudson - About her fitness journey and future plans


Full Name: RayRay Hudson is how everyone knows me by, but my real name is Soraya 🙂
Age: 31
Federation: future WBFF
Past Federations: UKUP, 2Bros

Coach: Tasha Tovar

Where are you from: Spain


What is your occupation/work ? Manager at a medical localization company, Youtuber and Makeup Artist :p 


When did you start to compete and WHY? I started competing in 2017 as a personal challenge to see if I would be able to push myself harder at the gym knowing I would be on a tiny bikini on a stage hahahahah, I ended up loving it so much that I haven´t stopped since.



Have you done any other sports before? I used to figure skate when I was a kid and I was a cheerleader at university 🙂



What was the reaction of your friends and family when you decided to compete? They were actually very intrigued and supported me all throughout prep. it was amazing!


Do you remember your first time on stage? Absolutely!!! I was suuuuuuuuper nervous backstage for my first category and I remember being very confused when I got to the centre of the stage to do my first poses and the judges where not looking at me at all! I thought I didn´t placed in that category because of that, and actually ended up placing second hahahaha



What changed since? I am more confident now when I step on stage and remember to ALWAYS have fun and not to worry whether judges are looking or not. It´s my time to shine, have fun and connect with the audience.



Which competition you enjoyed the most and why? That is a tough one hahaha but I guess it will have to be the UKUP British Finals where I won my Pro Card. The atmosphere backstage was insane, all the girls competing looked amazing and they were all lovely, the federation staff was super kind....all in all an amazing day!


What was / is your biggest success on stage or in personal life ? On stage definitely being the Model Pro Bikini Champion 2 years in a row. In my personal life I would say probably having achieved so many things in so little time.


What do you think girls should know before they will hit the competition stage? There are a couple of things in my opinion:


1- it's an expensive sport and if you win your category doesn't mean you are going t win money, and if you win your pro show, that money won´t cover all expenses you will have: coach + food + heels + jewlery + bikini + tan + makeup + hotel ....


2- If you are a natural athlete, note not all bikini girls you compete with are natural.


3- Posing is veeeeeery important


4- Make sure your hair and makeup in point as it counts as much as your physique in some federations and categories


5- Trust your bikini designer. She will know better than anyone if the color you want will look good on you or not, she knows the shape that looks best on you, etc.



Who is your bikini idol? Hattie Boydle, Rachel Dillon and Sharelle Grant



How was your last prep and how did you manage your diet? My last preP was amazing. I was coached by Steph and Steven from SW Fitness and followed a meal plan that was changed weekly. 



How often do you practice your posing ? Every single day after my morning cardio and evening workout, and was taking posing classes with Hannah Rees all through my off season as well. I was even practicing every time I was going to the toilet at work hahahahahaha.



Your favourite bikini colour? My yellow Unicorn one created by the one and only Bikini BKB by Bikini Mama 🙂


What is your next plans? I am currently 1 year into my off season with another one to go. The goal is to hit the WBFF Stage in 2020


Do you have any other hobbies outside work and gym? Youtube and Makeup 😋



Who you would like to say thank you or give a shout out? First and foremost to my boyfriend who has supported me through every prep and been suuuuuper patient. Also to Kat for being such an angel and creating the most wonderful bikinis and make me feel like a queen on stage. Finally to every coach I had and all my friends, old and new, that have supported me throughout my fitness journey 🙂


RayRay Hudson

Fitness blogger and youtuber


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