Violet Richards - Sky is not the limit ...


Violet Richardson in bikinibkb competition bikini 

Full Name: Violet Richards
Coach: Myself
Where are you from:Liverpool
Instagram: @Jobifitness


When did you start to compete and WHY? I have only just started to competing this year June 2019, I have 3 children and I wanted to prove to myself and other mums that you can get your body back after a baby. You can even look better than you did before you had a baby. The Gym is the only time I get to think about nothing but myself, i enjoy working out and decided to compete so I could meet other people like me that like to workout and understand the hard work.   

Have you done any other sports before? .. growing up in school I was a runner but after my children everything went into them and I lost myself, which is why the gym is important to me working out  gives me a chance to make time for myself, and it’s beneficial to my body and my well being. Win win!

What was the reaction of your friends and family when you decided to compete? My mother I a little old fashioned. it doesn’t make sense to her, why I would be half naked on a stage sticking my butt out. But when she saw that I had won and how fantastic I looked it began to make Sense to her.  My brothers and friends are very supportive and tell me that they can tell it makes me happy

Do you remember your first time on stage?
My first time on stage,  I was so nervous but once I got out there, I just said to myself “what do you have to loose” then I just had fun.  Remember to have fun with it and enjoy yourself.

What changed since?   My love for fitness has grew even more. Understand diet and what’s good for my body and what’s not. I’m competing gain in October and cannot wait.

What was / is your biggest success on stage or in personal life ?  My biggest success is being able to achieve my body.  Prepping for a competition is a lot of hard work. Juggling that hard work with three children is hard so for me my biggest success is my body.

What do you think girls should know before they will hit the competition stage?  Girls should enjoy themselves. But remember posing is very important. You can have the best body in the whole competition but if you don’t showcase your body properly you may not get the credit you serve.

Who is your bikini idol? @bikini_mama she also made me my red @bikinibkb bikini.  Having a beautiful bikini boost you confidence. 

How was your last prep and how did you manage your diet?
I cut down my carbs. Low carbs will definetly change your moods, being moody plus 3 children  under 7 was the hardest bit.  However i loved all my diet foods and still eat them now, not in prep.

How often do you practice your posing?  I practice my posing, every chance i get and everytime i walk past a mirror.

Your favourite bikini colour? My favorite bikinj colour is red because it compliments my skin tone

What is your next plans? Competing in October and hope to win the overall

Who you would like to say thank you or give a shout out?
Thank you Cathy Martin for opening a door for me to find something I Love.

Thank you @bikin_mama Katarina Kutmanova for boosting my confidence with such a beautiful diva bikini.

Thank you Yvette Geary for my posing practice.  I personally think she is the best.

Photo credit: UK BEEF TV, Zuki Zee

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