Dovile Germanaite -Growth is painful, change is painful but hard work does pay off

Full Name: Dovile Germanaite
Age: 32
Federation: UKBFF/IFBB

Coach: Michelle Brannan

Where are you from: Lithuania


What is your occupation/work ? Duty manager/Fitness coach.


When did you start to compete and WHY? I start to compete this summer (26.08.2019) was my first Bikini Fitness Competition. I took 2nd place. WHY I start? Because this is challenge and not everyone can do it, competition makes you stronger mentality and also physically. 


Have you done any other sports before? I was competing in Fencing, Swimming, Running also I was doing exercises in the gym. All my life I was active in the sport.


What was the reaction of your friends and family when you decided to compete? Half and Half, some said – YES. DO IT! Some  - OH, WHY?

But doesn’t matter what other think, this is my decision and if I will decide to do I will do   More I heard – NO, more I am motivated to do!


Do you remember your first time on stage? Yes, of course, how can I forget, I win 2nd place on my first show. Amazing feeling and day was


What changed since? Nothing too much, maybe just I became more confident.


Which competition you did enjoy the most and why? The one I Won, Winning , if you competing you have to win 


What was / is your biggest success on stage or in personal life ? I had finished Master of Economics. Took 2nd place in the UKBFF, qualified for British Finals.


What do you think girls should know before they will hit the competition stage? Growth is painful, change is painful. That will be not easy, and you have be 100 percent concentrate on your training, dieting. No parties, no holidays, no free time. Magic happens when you do not give up even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart! Good luck!


Who is your bikini idol? I don’t have one idol, where are lots of good competitors in the world.


How was your last prep and how did you manage your diet? Do not ate chocolates :DDD This was not easy, I love food!!!That part was challenging, but I did this!


How often do you practice your posing ? Once a week.


Your favourite bikini colour? Black/blue/red colours.


Do you have any other hobbies outside work and gym? I like travel, I like to watch movies. I like to ride with motorcycles. Love dogs :)


Who you would like to say thank you or give a shout out? For everyone who help to prepare for this competition. Big thanks for Michelle Brannan, Helen O’Reilly, Katka Kutmanova, Bikini BKB by Bikini Mama. Thanks for my parents and friends who support me ,  without them would be more difficult.



Everyone who will decide to go – I wish good luck and all the Best!