Lucy Jane Evans - Successful IFBB bikini athlete...competing changed my life..and much more


Full Name: Lucy-Jane Evans
Age: 24
Federation:2Bros - IFBB
Coach: Rob Witt, LRF
Where are you from: uk
What is your occupation/work ?
I own a gym and fitness centre located in Kent 
When did you start to compete and WHY?
I began competing in 2017 - I had recently hired a personal trainer following a break-up whereby the relationship consisted of frequented trips to pubs and clubs. The empty calories I was consuming, in excess, resulted in a physique I was not used to and quite frankly- ashamed of. Following a past of eating disorders and weight complications, this really effected me mentally. I felt at the time that I wasn’t the same person as the former ’smaller’ me and was adamant that I would both get back to how I was and improve to have a body I was proud of.
My PT had considered competing himself for a number of years and coincidentally had decided to start a prep 6 months into training me, prior to this I had no idea about the competing world but instantly fell in love with the process, the glitz and the glamour - merely dreaming that one day, the girls I had researched into, watched at shows I had travelled to - may someday be me up there!
Have you done any other sports before?
As a child, I was a “Daddies girl”. Growing up he ensured I was raised trying every activity you could imagine… I had the most obscure hobbies and whilst most girls my age was practicing for dance rehearsals, I could be found at the Archery shooting range or in a Dojo. I was one of the boys and very grateful to my dad for that. 
As I got older, I found an obsession with horse-riding and sailing but still, at this point ’the gym’ didn’t interest me much. 
What was the reaction of your friends and family when you decided to compete?
This sport is full of sacrifice - Ive lost a lot of friends through competing, simply as my previous life and the one I have now are not compatible. It was very hard for them to understand why I couldn’t be involved in vacations, brunches, club nights etc as this simply didn’t fit my ‘prep’ life. Do not get me wrong, its a choice I made heavy heartedly but one I knew was necessary, if I really wanted to pursue a successful career in bodybuilding. Some competitors manage to hold both a social life and successful prep but personally, I much prefer the ‘hermit crab’ approach!
Do you remember your first time on stage?
Oh, how I dread to think back! With my new found love for the sport I was impatient with wanting to get up there myself and entered a show I was less than ready for. I had no coach, a poorly made bikini which I have a scar from to this day and absolutely no idea of pre stage proceedings. For the five minutes or so I was up there, I hated every second. 
But I walked off that stage determined. I was so unbelievably naive to what this sport takes, blinded by the sparkles and smiles- It made me want to put everything into achieving first place in this sport. 
What changed since?
I am pleased to say -EVERYTHING! 
Which did you competition you enjoy the most and why?
They say you never forget your first win, and I won’t. The moment everything comes together and there is, for the first time, a belonging feeling whereby every 6am training session, every birthday party missed, those times you sit in the gym changing rooms wondering how the hell you’re going to get through the session you have planned, EVERYTHING IS WORTH THAT FEELING. But it wasn’t the show I enjoyed most- The show I enjoyed most was a recent one. My first one of 2019 season.
Yes, I placed 1st but that wasn’t why it was my most enjoyable. I met some incredible people through doing this show- I now have a coach I trust and enjoy working with, I have an amazing Bikini designer of whom is now a friend and incredibly talented at what shoe does and much more knowledge and understanding of the sport subsequently resulting in a much more relaxed approach to show day in general and actually being able to enjoy the process without stress. 
What was / is your biggest success on stage ?
1st place 2Bros Amateur Olympia 2018 (Junior)
1st place 2bros Ben Weirder 2018 (open)
1st place 2Bros Regional qualifier 2019 (open)
3rd Place 2Bros British Finals 2019 (open)
4th place 2Bros Amateur Olympia 2018 (Open)
What do you think girls should know before they will hit the competition stage?
-Do not compare yourself to anyone other than the girl you was last show, Your only competition is your last package you brought to stage. 
-Leave excuses at the door. The why’s are irrelevant when you have a time frame, diet and training programme to adhere to. You either tick that box or you don’t. You either feel good on show day knowing you put blood, sweat and tears into your prep… or you don’t. The onus is entirely on you. 
-Enjoy every moment up there!
How was your last prep and how did you manage your diet?
In 2 days my prep will be complete for this season, I began in December 2018 with a 6 month off-season to work on weakness’. I began to cut in April and have completed 2 shows since with the Amateur Olympia falling just before my birthday! It has been my first season with LRF and I’m happy! Happy with the slow, steady, consistent approach rob has to ensure a safe and healthy prep which ultimately is the main thing!
Your favourite bikini colour? 
The Pink Bikini Kat made me for my last show (2Bros British finals) was beyond words. It was everything and more I could have hoped for - completely nailed the brief of ‘Muscle Barbie’. I loved it.
What is your next plans? 
Im currently 2 days out from 2Bros Amateur Olympia, my goal going forward is to achieve my pro card in this sport and compete internationally!
Do you have any other hobbies outside work and gym? 
My life is only work and gym really! Especially during prep-with having my own business, its difficult to find time for other activities. I model, which is again work but I do really enjoy shoots I am booked for. It offers a change of scenery and is fun too!
Who you would like to say thank you or give a shout out?
Ahh- I love this bit!  Massive shout out to my little Nana and mum. Nana buys every bikini, they both come to every fitting and sit in the auditorium deathening the judges by screaming my number. You guys are great- Thank you! 
My second shout out is to my amazing boyfriend who plays donkey during show day! Carrying all my stuff and most importantly, making sure the post show treats are secure and kept out of my view! Ha 
Although this is our first season together- Shout out to Rob at LRF. Ive achieved a physique I’m confident with because of him in a healthy, consistent way which is definitely how a prep should be! Im looking forward to seeing where we take this. 
And last but not least- You Kat! Thank you for being so much more than a bikini designer. I love your ethos of BKB and your team of single mums who create the most breath-taking suits! I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else.